• Rental LED Display

    The structure of rental LED Display should be light, thin, fast assembly and disassembly, and it has different installation methods compared with the fixed installation A set of rental LED screen for professional stage activities stay in a position for a specific period of time. it will be demolished and moved to another place to participate in other recent activities such as concerts after that. Therefore, rental led display is a good solution for these rent applications with lightweight, special heat dissipation structure, fan-less design, absolutely silent operation; high strength, toughness, high precision.

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  • Fixed LED Display

    Fixed led display screen refers to the led display screen installed in a fixed position. According to the installation environment, it can be divided into indoor installation and outdoor installation with high brightness, vivid color and high contrast.

  • Transparent LED Display

    Transparent LED display, is mainly used for architectural glass see through curtain wall. Envision offers quality transparent led display for indoor shops,exhibition display,creative visual design, outdoor advertising and more applications.

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